On August 2,1990,Iraq attacked Kuwait City,Kuwait.On August 8 Iraq declares Kuwait a province of Iraq and the United Nations calls on Saddam Hussein(leader of Iraq) to withdraw Iraqi forces.On August 25 Military force is authorized by the United Nations.On January 16,1991 Us bombing begun.On January 30,the United States and her allies had 500,000 men in the Persian Gulf.On February 23,1991 ground combat begins..

On the 26th The U.S and her allies took control of Kuwait city.The next day President George H.W Bush ordered a cease-fire.On March 3,1991 Iraq accepted the cease-fire.On March 8th the first U.S combat forces returned home.

170 Americans died with 458 wounded.

Iraqi Military Deaths were 20,000 and 2,300 Iraqi civilians died.

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